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One thought on “About

  1. Israel,
    Being a long time Celtic fan, I was interested in your comment on Around the Horn this week about the Jae Crowder tweet a few days ago. I think your allusion to Gordon Hayward’s skin color is dead on. You can ask anyone who really knows the Celtics and they will tell you that the team always looks for the next “Great White Hope”. Way back when it was Havlicek and Cowens, then Bird, then, well, nobody. They tried Michael Smith and Scalabrini but niether were anywhere close to an NBA star. Further, they have been the only team since 1970 or so that could field a squad of 5 white guys and compete in the NBA with the likes of Bird, McHale, Walton, Ainge, and some role players.

    I lived in Boston while attending graduate school and found it to be one of the most racist cities in the country. This is in comparison to other places I have lived such as; New Orleans, Washington DC, Baltimore, Seattle, and Minneapolis.

    Robert Parish echoed the above sentiments when he was at the end of his career. And there’s the incident when promising point guard Dee Brown was slammed to the pavement by police in a tony Boston suburb when a bank teller identified him as the person who robbed her bank the previous week.

    I just found this post by Bomani Jones (http://www.forbes.com/sites/alexreimer/2017/01/05/celtics-fans-cheering-gordon-hayward-revitalizes-insulting-boston-is-racist-takes/#423d6e1822ad), so it seems as if there are a few people who get it.

    Steve Swenson


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